• Contessa is a casual dining cafe/restaurant which brings a unique slice of New YorkCity cool to the streets of Balmain.

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  • Our cuisine is inspired by Marco’s Italian roots and passion for travel, which he serves up in a mixture of American/ Italian inspired dishes that are sure to appeal to every diner’s interests.

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  • I’ve poured my heart and soul into Contessa and I would do it all over again, nothing brings me greater joy!

    Marco Adoncello

  • The Contessa will greet you as you enter & she ❤️ingly watches over her guests .
  • ❤️Nutella French Toast✔️ Brioche French Toast w/ Nutella, fig & almond granola, fresh strawberries 🍓, coconut 🥥 chips & maple syrup! Top pic @burgersnbikinis
  • Coffee always tastes the best on Monday mornings. ☕️ @simonfoodfavourites thanks for the top pic👍🏼
  • 🍳When your hungry and you want it all✔️Try the Contessa Fry Up 🍳
  • BRUNCH GOALS 🍳“Good food, Great atmosphere, Friendly staff” thank you @2foodiefrogs for the feedback 😀
  • FriYAY 🇮🇹 PASTA 🍝Spaghetti 🦐 🦐 @sydneyfoodfrenzy top pic👍🏼