• Contessa is a casual dining cafe/restaurant which brings a unique slice of New YorkCity cool to the streets of Balmain.

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  • Our cuisine is inspired by Marco’s Italian roots and passion for travel, which he serves up in a mixture of American/ Italian inspired dishes that are sure to appeal to every diner’s interests.

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  • I’ve poured my heart and soul into Contessa and I would do it all over again, nothing brings me greater joy!

    Marco Adoncello

  • 🖤 a visit  from the girl bloggers @sydneyfoodgirls ! 
Brunch of Choice➖Farmhouse Omelette➕Rosa Bruschetta 
Big thank you girls and @fcba.community for sharing our brekkie spread! 
Is that a cheeky glass of prosecco we see hiding back there?🥂
  • Fuel your Saturday with our ULTIMATE Bacon & Egg Roll! 
Packed with Hickory smoked bacon, fried free range eggs, caramelised onion, provolone cheese, house made tomato relish & mayo on toasted brioche and add a hash brown.  Huge shout out to  @droolworthyworld  for sharing the perfect pic.
  • Mums Minestrone will warm your hearts and fill your bellies.
 Its a hearty soup perfect for Winter.
BUON APPETITO ! 🇮🇹 S/O to @foodbringsmejoy forsaking the perfect pic of our hearty soup.
  • Our Spicy Meatball melt is OOZINGLY good 🍽️! 🇮🇹 Why not try a little Italian love from Contessa Balmain today? 🍝
House made Italian meatballs on toasted sourdough w/fresh basil, provolone cheese, fresh rocket, chilli & shaved Italian parmesan, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Trying to keep it clean mid week ?
We got you covered pick one of our delicious salad options .

Notice how @couplewhoeats snuck in our Nutella French Toast as well 😉
  • Rosa's Breakfast Bruschetta looking as delectable as always with smashed avocado, fresh Roma tomato, basil, rocket, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic reduction & free range poached egg. 🥑 🍅 🌿 
Thanks again to @4foodssake for this great shot and review of Contessa. You can read their full review on their blog - https://forfoodssake.net/2017/01/03/contessa-balmain/